How To Spot Fake Designer Fashion, Bags, & Accessories

Bags are accessories most loved by women, especially the luxury designer bags. Thousands of women, every year, spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on some of the most expensive designer handbags on the market. For some women, however, designer bags are an expense they'd rather not take on. But due to the influx of companies that produce knockoff designer items, women who would normally not purchase the big tag bags, spend millions of dollars each year buying their counterfeit counterpart. Many women wholeheartedly spend hundreds of dollars faithfully to grab a designer fashion labeled handbag.

It's easy to find them in local markets or on the web. These fake products are often made in China, Brazil, or India with poor materials, and are launched on the market and passed off as originals. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Fendi are just some of the most popular brands in the counterfeit industry; they seem to be identical to the original ones, but small, distinct details make it immediately clear that you're dealing with a fake. Here are some things you need to analyze to detect the real from the fake.


How to Recognize a Fake Handbag on the Web

Of course, the best choice is to buy such a precious bag in an authorized shop, where you have the opportunity to observe it closely and to check the reliability of the suppliers. Counterfeiters do not take care of the details, the only thing that matters to them is the external appearance, and it is precisely for this reason that the finishes, zips, buckles, seams on the bottom will be of poor quality. 

It is good to compare the product you are about to buy with the one sold on the official website of the brand, paying attention to the size, the internal and external seams, the finishes, the handles, the monograms, and the quality of the fabric. If official photos are used, taken directly from the luxury brand's website, it is most likely a hoax, and you will end up with a fake bag.


The Details To Be Analyzed To Recognize a Counterfeit Designer Bag & Accessories

Each designer bag has its own particulars. If we observe closely, it is very simple to notice small details that make you understand immediately if you are faced with an original, or a counterfeit product. First, virtually all designer bags are sold in classic canvas bags to protect the product from dust. The only time you may find an original not in a canvas bag is when the bags are sold by discount luxury fashion vendors or markets. But even then, they are usually in canvas bags.



Recognizing an original bag is not all that difficult, especially if you start by analyzing the materials. Leather, for example, is a fundamental requirement, because it is almost impossible for a classic designer accessory to be in eco-leather or even plastic. The sense of smell, therefore, helps you to recognize the originality of the product. 



The quickest way to recognize fakes is by their logos. It is difficult to recognize them if they are well made, but some details can always escape, therefore sharpen the view and look for the detail. 


Prices and packaging

A key clue to consider when buying is, of course, the price. We are talking about luxury products, and it is therefore unthinkable that they have moderate prices unless they are old collections on sale. But, usually, the counterfeit bags or accessories refer to the latest models. It is also very important to pay attention to the packaging of fashion designer bags. The original ones are always sold with the dust bag or the fabric bag to protect them from dust when you store them in the wardrobe. The handles rarely have the casing, as it happens in the fake ones, and the bags usually have a plate with the serial number inside. Also, watch out for the tag where there is always the security seal. Gucci, Fendi, Prada, Hermés, and Louis Vuitton are the most copied brands: the things that must be looked at to recognize an original one.


Gucci - Gucci bags are among the most counterfeited in the world. To recognize the originals, it is very simple, just pay attention to the material with which they are made, which must be 100% leather. The handles also must not be wrapped, and the Gucci Gs must form an inverted half pyramid. In Gucci leather goods, for example, the famous double G is never aligned along the seams, and the logo is found everywhere, both internally and on hinges and studs.


Fendi - As far as Fendi designer bags are concerned, there is a very simple trick to find out in a few seconds, whether they are original or not. They always have a security hologram with a code, which is also printed on a strip of leather sewn inside.


Prada - If you are a lover of the Prada world, check that in writing, the bar of the second A is longer than the first. The original Prada Made in Italy has the brand logo imprinted on an inverted triangle and the second leg of the letter A larger than the first. By paying attention to two apparently inconsistent details, you can be sure of buying an original product.


Hermès - To understand if the Hermés bags are original or counterfeited, first of all, you have to look at the price, which usually goes beyond a thousand dollars, and also usually you need to register on a specific waiting list to buy one. The leather is extremely soft, since the workmanship is 100% handmade, and the inside is the same as the outside. In short, a Hermés bag has the same value as a precious jewel. 


Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton bags are the most imitated in the world, especially the Speedy models; in order not to be fooled, there are a series of precautions to be put into practice. First of all, there is no serial code in the originals; instead, it boasted by the counterfeit versions; one side of the bag must also have an inverted monogram since the brand aims to make each bag a unique piece. As if this were not enough, the letters of the LV logo are symmetrical, seams and zippers never cut them, and the color of the skin darkens only over time. Only by paying attention to these details will you be able to hold an original Louis Vuitton in your hands. In Louis Vuitton bags, the handles are made of undyed natural leather, are colored red on the sides, and sewn with a yellow thread. In addition, over time, they turn black, and in general, the leather of those bags darkens with wear.


Where to buy

To buy a luxury fashion bag signed by your favorite brand, always try to do it in single-brand stores or at most by authorized dealers and verified authentic boutiques or outlets such as Nouvelle Fashions. Be wary of street vendors or flea markets, except for vintage ones that sell designer bags used, out of season,. If you prefer to shop online, pay even more attention because, behind many sites, there are real scams. It is always better to rely on official e-commerce brands. In fact, many times, pieces are offered that are not original even in design.