Nouvelle Fashions LLC: How We Advocate 

Despite being new to the online marketplace, as part of our commitment to supporting COVID-19 relief efforts and the global hunger crisis, we at Nouvelle Fashions LLC have made it a part of our mission to support UNICEF USA (United Nations Children's Fund), FEEDING AMERICA, and MEALS ON WHEELS. 

All three of these proven organizations are dedicated to providing meals to those that suffer throughout each year from hunger and starvation. Each organization has also played a very intricate role in assisting families and individuals facing hunger and other familial difficulties throughout the current COVID-19 crisis.

We have pledged a $3 donation from every sale generated through our online store toward the UNICEF USA FUND, FEEDING AMERICA, AND MEALS ON WHEELS. It is our hope that other small businesses may follow and do what's in their power to help as well.

Our donations are no cost to you, but you can still be involved by picking the organization you’d like us to donate the $3 from your purchase to. We will be adding other organizations over time. If you want to suggest an organization, please email our support team and they'll add your suggestion for consideration. 



Thank You,

Nouvelle Fashions LLC